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Cater wheels are simple wheeled devices that are used with many different types of household and industrial devices. The wheels may be constructed in designs known as compound, undriven, single, and double. Available in a number of sizes, caster wheels are sometimes constructed with heavy-duty plastic or metal components.


In some configurations, caster wheels are designed to roll forward or backward only. However, many devices equipped with caster wheels also make use of a pivot to enhance the function of the wheels. The pivot essentially acts as an intermediary between the object and the wheels, making it possible for the wheels to change directions with ease when necessary. Caster wheels mounted on pivots can move forward, then swerve to the left or right, and then move backward without the need to stop and realign the object for the change in direction.


While caster wheels were once made exclusively of metal components, wheels designed for use with objects that are relatively lightweight are often constructed with a combination of plastic and metal components or even plastic alone. However, caster  intended for use in industrial settings are still manufactured completely with durable metal components, since they often are called upon to bear a great deal of weight.



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